How COVID Kiosks Make Your Michigan Workplace Safer

One of the many undesirable gifts the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us is a debate about what’s more important: the health of our economy or our physical health. But it need not be an either/or proposition. COVID Digital kiosks can help both.

You need to find a way to keep your Michigan business open and operational while still protecting the health of your staff and customers.

How can you help keep everybody healthy? Instituting a mask-wearing policy, limiting the number of customers you can serve inside your Michigan business, and providing hand sanitizer are all good steps. But where do you put this hand sanitizer? Well, you could simply put it on a table near the entrance of your Farmington Hills business. But people might not see it. And frankly, it doesn’t look that good or professional.

A COVID kiosk can solve both problems. A digital COVID kiosk can take different forms. It could be a standalone sign, a sign you place on a table, a sign that’s built around a small pole with a hand sanitizer dispenser attached, or something else. But whatever its shape, a digital COVID kiosk has several functions:

  1. Drawing people’s attention to hand sanitizer so they can sanitize their hands upon entering your Farmington Hills, MI, business.
  2. Informing customers of your Farmington Hills business’s mask policy.
  3. Explaining your Michigan business’s policy with regards to physical distancing and how many people are allowed inside at one time.

COVID-19 is a serious and frightening problem, but it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. We must find a way to live with it, and that includes finding a way to do business.

It might not be business as usual, but we need to get back to some reasonable facsimile of how business used to be. This is more difficult for some businesses than others. For example, a restaurant in Farmington Hills will need to take more precautions than a hardware store in Farmington Hills. But we all need to do our part.

At the time of writing, there have been more than 100,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the State of Michigan and over 1,700 deaths. As an owner or manager of a business in Farmington Hills, or elsewhere in Michigan, this means installing COVID kiosks and instituting other COVID-19 protocols. You may also want to install plexiglass barriers between the cashier and customers in retail store or floor decals indicating where people can stand to physically distance in your Farmington Hills grocery store.

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