How To Design A Great Logo

Logo design often seems simple, but it can be an incredibly tricky process to get right. Learn some great tips on logo design and about how a sign company can help.

The First Goal Of Logo Design Is To Get Noticed.

A good logo is one that grabs people’s attention. You want your logo to jump out at people and be instantly noticeable regardless of whether people are browsing your website, walking past your printed backdrop at a Boise trade show, or driving past the monument outside your Houston restaurant. There are many design principles that are key to getting noticed, but it’s important not to overlook more practical concerns, such as placement. A logo on a sign is only ever as visible as the sign is. If that Houston restaurant puts their monument sign behind a bush, then even the best designed logo can’t grab people’s attention.

This is why sign installation is crucial. Where can you install your logo sign to generate the most impressions? Houston Graphic Signs helps Katy businesses and organizations find the best location for their logo sign. But placement isn’t the only important factor. Illumination, for example, is a proven method for boosting visibility. Signs like cabinet signs and channel letters can be seen from relatively far distances, and they stay highly visible at night, in the rain, and in the snow.

Logo Designers Who Live And Work In Katy Know How To Grab The Attention Of Locals.

It can be hugely beneficial to have your logo designed by a local designer. Local designers know about the local signage landscape; they won’t design a logo for a Houston bar that’s very similar to that of a prominent Boise restaurant, for example. They also have an intuitive knowledge of what Idahoans will respond to and how to appeal to your target demographic.

One Big Benefit To Hiring A Sign Company To Design Your Logo Is That They Know How Your Logo Will Look On A Sign.

Designing a logo to be seen on a screen is a different process to designing one that can be seen on various media, including physical signs. Designers who work predominantly in virtual spaces might craft a logo that is not easily translated to a physical sign.

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