6 Outdoor Signs You Can Use for Your Business in Woodlands, TX

Outdoor signs are crucial to the success of countless businesses in Woodlands, and elsewhere in Texas. If your business has an outdoor presence, here are six outdoor signs you should consider installing.

1. Dimensional/Channel Letters Make For Great Outdoor Signs.

Dimensional letters make for some of the best traditional outdoor signage. Dimensional letters are 3D letters that allow for more personality and impact than 2D outdoor signs. Channel letter signs are the same as dimensional letters, but they are illuminated, making them more visible at night and in the rain.

2. Awning Signs Are Multi-Purpose Outdoor Signs.

If your business has an awning, it would be silly not to put a sign on it. Awnings are great for keeping the rain or hot Georgian summer sun off the front of your building or off your customers. Use an awning to provide shelter over a few tables where patrons can sip their coffee at your Woodlands café. And use that awning to display an awning sign with your café’s name, logo, and perhaps a slogan, telephone number, or address.

3. Blade Signs Are The Best Outdoor Signs For Generating Impressions From Different Angles.

Blade signs, also called projecting signs, are outdoor signs that are installed perpendicular to your exterior wall. This means, instead of facing the same way as the front of your business, a blade sign can display two sign panels showing perpendicularly. This means, if your Woodlands business is on the east side of a street, a blade sign will identify and promote your business to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists coming north and south.

4. Flag Signs Are Great Supplemental Outdoor Signs.

Because they are inexpensive and easy to install and move around, flags are great temporary or supplemental outdoor signs. Celebrate a grand opening, promote a season sale, or just put up a few flag signs for fun. They’re often colorful and the way they flutter in the breeze generates enough movement to attract the eye.

5. Monument/Pylon Signs Are Great For Outdoor Signs For Generating Views From A Distance.

Not every business in Woodlands is right by a road or highway. Often, there is a parking lot or lawn between the building and the nearest street. This makes it difficult for passing pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists to see your building. Monument or pylon signs built closer to the road make your business more visible.

6. A-frame And Sidewalk Signs Are Excellent Outdoor Signs For Capitalizing On Pedestrian Traffic.

A-frame and sidewalk signs are inexpensive signs you can put outdoors on the sidewalk or on a patio. They’re especially great for restaurants, displaying menus and daily specials.

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