Understanding Safety Sign Options in Baltimore, MD

Today’s post overviews some of the most popular and cost-effective safety signs options for business owners and private buyers located in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas.

1.  Wayfinding Safety Signs in Baltimore, Maryland

Wayfinding safety signs get people where they need to go, quickly and safely.

Outdoor wayfinding safety signs direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic away from obstacles and health hazards, while indoor wayfinding safety signs guide staff and visitors to service areas, shelters, and exits. And COVID-19 wayfinding safety signs, such as social distancing floor graphics and arrows pointing to curbside pick-up areas, help people navigate your business safely amidst “the new normal.”

Wayfinding safety signs come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be installed in a variety of applications, from flags and freestanding signs to vinyl graphics that stick to doors, windows, walls, and elevators.

Baltimore Signs and Graphics carries all the most popular wayfinding safety sign types, including:

  • Exit/Entrance signs
  • Fire escape signs
  • Traffic control signs
  • Authorized personnel-only signs
  • Caution signs
  • Wrong way/Do not enter signs
  • Emergency exit/entrance signs
  • COVID-19 floor graphics and freestanding signs, and much more

2.  ADA Safety Signs in Baltimore, Maryland

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates that certain sign types must comply with ADA design standards in order to be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Though some signage is exempt, most permanent indoor signage must meet these requirements. Failure to comply with these design standards not only excludes certain individuals from seeing your important safety sign messages, but also may expose your business to fines and liability.

Whatever your ADA safety signs needs, Baltimore Signs and Graphics can help. We know what’s required by the 2010 ADA Design Standards, and we can guarantee any safety signs’ compliance.

3.  Worker Safety Signs in Baltimore, Maryland

According to OSHA’s Accident prevention signs and tags requirements, safety signs must be visible at all times when certain work is being performed.

For example, caution signs must be used to “warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe practices,” and they must follow OSHA design specifications (e.g. yellow as the predominating color; black upper panel and borders; yellow lettering of “caution” on the black panel, etc).

Whether you need a couple of caution signs or a complete construction safety sign system, we’ve got what you need in-house. Check out our safety signs page and construction signs page for more information.

4.  COVID-19 Safety Signs in Baltimore, Maryland

When labor and environmental organizations pushed Governor Larry Hogan for new workplace protections in Maryland back in August, COVID-19 safety signs were high up on their list.

COVID-19 safety signs are used to:

  • Inform customers about service changes due to COVID-19 (e.g. informational window signs) or new in-store safety practices (e.g. freestanding banners detailing distancing or ordering protocols)
  • Enforce pandemic safety practices (E.g. hand-sanitizing stations or floor graphics marking proper social distancing)
  • Prevent the spread of respiratory droplets (e.g. sneeze guards and cashier screens)If you’re looking for COVID-19 safety signs to help slow the spread or maintain safe business continuity, we can help. Check out our COVID-19 safety sign page to learn more and see our full catalog.

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